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ZEST WEG GROUP acquires Hawker Siddeley
The Zest WEG Group, a local subsidiary company of leading Brazilian motor and controls manufacturer WEG, has acquired the entire business of Hawker Siddeley Electric Africa in South Africa, subject to conditions precedent. read more
MV seminar introduces new trends to the KZN motor industry.
Improving the efficiency and long-term reliability of motors will continue to be the focus of motor manufacturers worldwide, says electrical equipment supplier Zest WEG Group Durban branch manager Taylor Milan, at the company’s medium-voltage (MV) motor seminar last month in more
Powering up at Cape Town’s SILO 1 Building.
Zest WEG Group’s Genset Division is supplying a custom engineered genset solution to the Silo 1 building project in Cape Town. The hybrid modern-meets-historical building comprises nine storeys, three of which are basement more
Zesty growth aspirations.
Zest WEG Group is an acknowledged leader in the supply of electric motors, thanks to its ongoing product line enhancements, industry upliftment through training and acquisitive, and organic growth plans aimed at better servicing its clients writes Laura Cornish. read more
ZEST Electric Motors’ MV Motor Seminars Well Attended.
Zest Electric Motors’ first medium voltage (MV) motor seminars, held in Johannesburg and Durban in June 2013, proved extremely popular in both centres with over 200 MV participants attending the three one-day more
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The Zest WEG Group, a local subsidiary company of leading Brazilian motor and controls manufacturer WEG, has acquired the entire business of Hawker Siddeley Electric Africa in South Africa.

WEG Transformers Africa, formely Hawker Siddeley Africa is recognised among the pioneers of mini substations and has become one of the largest manufacturers of mini substations, unit substations and distribution transformers in South Africa, with the capability to design and manufacture the complete range presently in use in the country’s industrial sector.

WEG Transformers Africa mini substations and unit substations have a range of 100 kVA to 1000 kVA in voltages up to 22 kV. The company specialises in Type ‘B’ mini substations, fabricated in mild steel or 3CR12 corrosion resistant steel as recommended in SABS 1029, 1030 and NRS004, with the transformer section complying with SABS 780 and NRS005.

The standard size mini substations consist of 100 kVA, 160 kVA, 200 kVA, 315 kVA, 500 kVA, 630 kVA, 800 kVA and 1000 kVA units. HT and LT switchgear can be provided to suit individual requirements, with advice and recommendations on the most appropriate switchgear provided by the company’s experienced engineers.

WEG Transformers Africa’s standard distribution, power and special application transformers range from 50 kVA to 10 000 kVA in voltages up to 66 kV with off-load tap-switch or on- load tap-changers. In addition, the company manufactures special application units for mining, industrial, rectifier/traction, converter and thyristor drive applications. Dimensions are always within SABS recommendations.

The company’s transformers are primarily used to generate and supply electricity from power stations through to consumers with rectifier transformers used for industrial, steelworks and traction applications. Furnace transformers (induction) are used in the mining industry.

Each unit is fully tested in accordance with SABS and other standard specifications and test certificates are available on request. In addition, distribution transformers carry the SABS mark of approval, corroborating that the company’s manufacturing facilities are subject to regular routine visits by SABS inspectors.

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